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The “Illusions de la cathédrale” sound and light at the cathedral

From July, nights will be in lighted Tours at the cathedral.


For the 1st time in town a spectacular night show will be given on the walls of the cathedral produced by the one and only Damien Fontaine an international renown director, famous for his performances in Dubai, Jerusalem, Lyon, Libreville or Rabat. Some nice moments to come, on the evening with the sound and light “Les Illusions de la cathédrale”, the west façade of this iconic site becomes a genuine luminously animated fresco.


Save the dates: in July every evening 10.30 pm and 11.15 pm

                               September, 1st to 18th 10.00pm and 10.30 pm

                               Then Fridays and Saturdays at 9.15 pm and 10.00 pm until October, 3rd

Free of charge


Teaser of the Show :

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