La Loire à vélo, Savonnières

La Loire à vélo, Savonnières

The Loire à Vélo - Cycling

A few pedal pushes from the famous avenue de Grammont, the city disappears behind you, leaving only you and the famous "Loire à Vélo" cycle path. On the raised flood defence levees overlooking the Loire, or along the old towpaths, discover the atmosphere and the changing colours of the royal river!

If the bicycle is your steed of choice,
discover the "Loire à vélo" trail, starting from Tours...

For a day, a weekend or a week, with the family or friends, this is an exceptional natural and historical trail, where heritage carries you along!

The route is fully signposted, safe and free. Here a barge on the river, there a splendid Renaissance garden, and everywhere the typical villages of the Loire.

Everything can be provided for! Services specially adapted for cycling tourists allow you to plan your route along the "Loire à Vélo" trail - accommodation, rental and bicycle repairs, transport of bicycles and luggage, guide boks and maps at the Tourist offices along the way...


No need to freewheel it...


The Tours and Val de Loire Tourist Office is here to help you prepare for your holiday. Our advisorshave documents, maps and guides which are easy to take with you, brochures with useful addresses (accommodation, site visits, train + bike information, bicycle repairs and so on), as well as The Loire à vélo, fully mapped and described in guides and apps.


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