Picnicking in the Touraine

Picnicking in the Touraine

The Touraine country

At the heart of the Loire Valley, The Touraine country is renowned for its relaxed lifestyle. Among the great châteaux whose silhouettes pattern the landscape, enjoy the colourful markets, the atmosphere of the historic towns (Tours, Amboise, Chinon, Loches) and the peace of its natural surroundings.

Live the Touraine experience!


Come and meet the people who will bring a smile to your holiday in Touraine..


Tours is already familiar from our childhood history books — the great châteaux of the Loire, Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance buildings and gardens.


Yet today too, great things are happening. The people involved may no longer wear capes and brandish swords, but they are every bit as adventurous, working in their lively kitchens, in the green of the parks and gardens, among the vines or on deck ona river boats.




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