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A beginner's guide to Tours

Where is Tours?

Tours is situated in the Centre region, in the département of Indre-et-Loire. It is both the largest urban area in the Centre region and its capital.

It is also known as the capital of the Loire châteaux, and is nicknamed "Little Paris"

Tours has a history of attracting famous historical figures, including Saint Martin of Tours, Charlemagne, Rabelais, Réné Descartes and Honoré de Balzac among others.

Tours is also a way of life. Moving to Tours and becoming one of the locals requires a sense of curiosity and a willingness to adapt.

Tours is dynamic, attractive, and lively, as well as intellectual and cultural. It's an easy place to stroll around and discover, but where are the best places to see people and be seen in Tours?

If you arrange to meet someone at “Jean Jo” it means you'll find them at the Place Jean Jaurès to take the tram... or perhaps you'll find yourself at the “Place des Am” - that's the Place des Amoureux, where the famous Beaune fountain is located on rue Berthelot. The “Tanneurs” to take advantage of the atmosphere on the bank of Loire by the Francois Rabelais faculty of letters, in rue des tanneurs. Take a drink at “Plum” in heart of old Tours - place Plumereau, and dinner at the “Monster Square,” in reality called the Market Square, but which is dominated by a monstrous sculpture by Xavier Veilhan. Learning all these local names takes a little practice!


But that's not all - did you know that Tours is an "international city of gastronomy"?

A local food lover will tell you how wonderful the rillettes and rillons of Tours are, and any self-respecting citizen of Tours will wax lyrical for hours about the fantastic Loire wines, especially the appellations Vouvray and Montlouis-sur-Loire, which border the city.

That should get you off to a good start, but learning it all will take a lifetime!

To fulfil your curiosity, the Tourist Office also proposes a greeter service - a person who loves their city and wants to share it with you. They'll help you discover all the marvels of Tours according to the kinds of things you enjoy.


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