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Château de Villandry

  • Château de Villandry

Villandry was completed toward 1536, and is the last of the great Loire châteaux built near the banks of the Loire during the Renaissance. The Château de Villandry was built by Jean le Breton, Finance Minister to François I, who also oversaw the building of the Château de Chambord and had been ambassador to Rome, where he studied the art of gardening at length.


His descendants kept the château de Villandry until 1754, when it became the property of the Marquis de Castellane, who built the outbuildings in the classical style. In the nineteenth century, the traditional garden was dug up to create an English park.


In 1906, Villandry was bought by Dr Joachim Carvallo who gave up a brilliant scientific career to devote himself fully to restoring the château and its Renaissance gardens. Today, Henri Carvallo, his great-grand-son, is the proprietor of this prestigious collection.


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