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The splendid gardens of Villandry

The Gardens of Villandry are built on three levels.

At the top level, the water garden consists of a vast cloister of lime trees, where a reflecting pool collects the water necessary for the irrigation of the gardens and also supplies the fountains.

The second level, the ornamental garden, consists of three parts: the "Garden of Love", the "Music Garden" and "Jardin des Simples" with aromatic and medicinal plants.

Finally, the vegetable garden covers nearly a whole hectare. The plantations are renewed twice a year, in spring and summer.


In 2008, the "Jardin du Soleil" was opened, a place for dreams and escape...

Henri Carvallo, the current owner, entrusted the design and construction of this garden to Louis Benech and Alix de Saint-Venant, based on a drawing by his ancestor Joachim. The plants are painstakingly arranged to give a charming impression of disorder, and the effect is startling.


A never-ending labour

A team of gardeners works daily to improve and maintain the gardens. Brilliantly, they have gradually been able to dispense with any pesticide or herbicide, creating the beauty of the gardens with full respect for nature.


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