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The wines and vineyards of the Loire

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The reputation of our rosé wines needs no introduction. The fresh, fruity quality is perfection personified – and so highly original in their delicate tenderness. The reds, whether for drinking or laying-down, can be enjoyed alongside a huge range of dishes, selected to bring out the best in each bottle. The whites play out every subtlety from the dryest to the sweetest, for every social occasion. The sparkling wines, another Loire speciality, are made using the traditional method.


A featue of the wines of the Loire Valley is that they are mostly from a single grape variety: melon de Bourgogne in the vineyards around Nantes; chenin, sauvignon and gamay in Anjou, Saumur and Touraine; sauvignon, pinot noir and côt in the Touraine. This range of varieties, unique in the world, offers a huge diversity of wines, nevertheless always identifiable and unified.


The fifty Loire Valley denominations never fail to please connoisseurs and amateurs alike.

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