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Guided visit of Rochecorbon

  • The Loire
  • Lantern of Rochecorbon

History in the street


Welcome to Rochecorbon, a village in the Loire Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 30th November 2000.


Come and explore the historical and living treasures of this charming rural village, with its 448 hectares of vines, 505 hectares of agricultural land and 226 hectares of forest.


It is famous for its tuffeau limestone cliffs, its cave dwellings, its fine residences, some of which back onto the sheer rock of the hillside that overlooks the Loire River, and its illustrious ‘Lantern’, which is the final remnant of a fortified castle built from the 10th century onwards.


The richness of Rochecorbon may be found in the quality of its vines, in its renowned Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP) Vouvray wines. Whether these are dry, medium dry, sweet or sparkling, they have acquired great fame both in France and abroad over the centuries. These precious nectars are kept in bottles and are aged in cellars; dare you open the doors of nine winemakers in order to taste them? The writer François Rabelais said “In Vouvray we find the name; in Rochecorbon we find the renown” when talking about these wines.


The Romans were certainly behind the planting of vines in the Touraine area, but the expansion and the size of this cultivation on the hillsides of Rochecorbon and Vouvray are undoubtedly the work of St. Martin and his monks.


St. Martin had a donkey and two vines, one of which was nibbled at by the donkey. When harvest time came, the vine that had been chewed by the donkey produced many fine wine grapes whereas the other bore only gleanings. Benefiting from this discovery, the monks began pruning the vines, thus following the example of the donkey, to which the Saint would give his name.


Since this time, the vines have thrived and all the donkeys in the area have been called Martin. Rochecorbon also has hiking paths running deep into the countryside to help you discover the forests, vines and small hamlets nestling in the heart of beautiful valleys.


Thank you for your visit. We hope that you liked our region and that you’ll come back and see us again…


Information :
- Please visit the Town Hall website at ( French language only )Download details
- The Tourist Office is open from the 1st April until the 30th October telephone +33 (0) 247 393 607 or telephone + 33 (0) 247 525 020 or
- Local shopkeepers can also provide you with information.

Guided tour of Rochecorbon


Hanging on the hill facing the Loire River, the village of Rochecorbon has an appearance of its own in the heart of the region of the Vouvray vineyard, known for its white wine since the 4th century, when Saint Martin introduced the vine.


Visit of Rochecorbon, on Wednesdays 15 of Jully and 12 of August 2015 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.


Our guide will show you along the streets, the charms of a beautiful traditional architecture and of the numerous cellars and troglodyte houses which are testimonies of the former exploitation of the tuffeau of the hill.


Information :

Service in French only
Tour by foot
Duration: 2 hours
The guided tour is aiming for the individual clients. For a group of more than 10 persons, please contact the Groupes Service by phone
+33 (02) 47 70 37 34 or by mail:

Visit of the Saint-Georges Chapel


Belonging to the commune of Rochecorbon since the 2 February 1808, the Saint-Georges Chapel is the former parish church of the Saint-Georges’ commune.


Leaning against the rocks, the chapel has been built during the 11th century and reworked during the 12th is remarkable for its elegance. Its crypt dug in the tuffeau is probably at the origin of its placement. You can see stones from the High Middle Ages incrusted on the façade in the middle of the masonry.


The side gates dates from the 18th century, the primitive semi-circular porch has been sealed off during the construction of a house “La Malvoisie”. There are still tombstones on the ground, but unfortunately the inscriptions are now illegible.


Information :

Service in French only
Tour by foot
Guided tour free all Sundays and holidays from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm to the 25 of October 2015 included.
For the group tours on weekdays, please contact Patrick LELOUP on the +33 -02) 47 52 51 96.
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