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Discover Tours with a Greeter

  • Jean-Claude, greeter in Rochecorbon
  • Elsa, greeter in Tours
  • Elsa, greeter in Tours

See Loire Valley through the eyes of a local !

Greeter in Tours

Greeters are people passionate about their city

They would like to volunteer their services to tourists in discovering the city, sharing their favourite places, their hidden corners off the tourist trail as well as their stories, in a friendly and free encounter. They are not professional guides but rather welcome tourists as friends, for a walk around their their town or village. To maintain the authentic and intimate aspect of the meetings, based on the sharing and exchange, they welcome small groups of up to six people at a a time. Thus, each trip is unique: it depends on the personality of visitors and accompanying Greeter. It generally lasts about two hours.

Born in the United States in 1992 on the initiative of a resident who wanted to share "the New Yorker's New York" with tourists, the concept of Greeters has grown worldwide, and is very popular in France. You can see where the Greeters are to be found in France and abroad on the Global Greeter Network.

The Loire Valley Greeters is member of both the Greeters French Federation and the Global Gretters Network, and respects the charter and its Greeters values.





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