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There are plenty of reasons to spend a pleasant day in Tours. You already know the main tourist attractions of the city, but check out the shopping! Let us guide you along the busy shopping streets, and help you indulge your shopping spirit. Tours will not disappoint you!



In Tours, you'll find everything you need ... from luxury clothing to art, jewelery, ready-to-wear, leather goods and designer items!

From department stores to smaller shops, this is a city where shopping is also a tourist experience, with all the charm of its old streets!


Main shopping centres:

Rue Nationale, rue de Bordeaux, rue des Halles, rue du Commerce, rue Colbert, rue de la Scellerie


Town centre shops:

  •       Gourmet shops
  •       Luxury shops
  •       Art and Galleries
  •       Antiques
  •       Wine cellars
  •       Decoration
  •       Gift Shops
  •       Bookstores
  •       Ready-to-wear and Department Stores



  •  L’Heure Tranquille
  •  La Petite Arche
  •  La Vrillonnerie
  •  La Riche Soleil
  •  Les Atlantes in St-Pierre-Des-Corps

"Vitrines de Tours" gift vouchers on sale at the Tourist Office!

Walking the city with your gift vouchers in hand, according to your desires and indulgences!
Lists of stores which the "Vitrine de Tours Gift vouchers" here.

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