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New arrivals

©David Darrault/Dominique Couineau

Living in Tours

- discovering your new home town

Official formalities, transport, associations, city maps and useful addresses... a customised page to welcome new residents


Moving in, that's one thing, preparing well for it is quite another! To help you we have gathered all the information that will be useful to you in one place

Order your Tours Practical Guide from the Mairie on 02 47 21 60 00, or by clicking here!

First step, find your nest. Check out the estate agencies.


A great way to find your way into local life is the AVF Association, which offers a variety of activities to help you make new friends in your new life. You can also contact associations that can introduce you to a range of cultural and sporting opportunities in Tours.


To guide you, visit our transport page. On foot or by bike, by car or public transport, be fully prepared to move in!


ask for your documentation, we'll send it to you within four days.


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