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Watermills, windmills and manor houses

See a different aspect of the Touraine country

Enter the world of mills, manor houses, wash houses, and other unusual places in our region where the memory of a past life, rich in expertise and ingenuity is kept alive.

See Touraine yesterday and today... places "off the beaten track," always interesting, charming... and sometimes a little intriguing!

We offer guided tours to a different view of the region


By car

moulin-ballan mire

Along the banks of the Cher towards Savonnières, where the descendants of the 18th century sailors are today reviving the construction of traditional boats, recreating in the festivities of the Loire - a magical time when hundreds of boats criss crossed the harbour, before the development of the railway put an end to the the story of the Loire as a transport route.

A few miles away, a small steel bridge makes a scenic view calling to mind the Eiffel tower's structure. Its summit can be seen from the famous gardens of Villandry.

A small detour to the charming village of Ballan Mire to discover two contiguous wash houses fed by a spring. Even if there are no more washerwomen, you will be still find it quite easy to imagine local life around these public washing pools. There are many of them in the Touraine and if you're really curious about them, you'll fnd them in Truyes, Vallères Loches and Chédigny too.


Watermills and windmills

A selection of mills to discover as you travel through the Indre Valley. Don't miss the villages of Artannes, Pont-de-Ruan, Monts, Veigné or Esvres-sur-Indre. Along the river, fifty mills dotted the landscape with curious names like the "Moulin du Lavoir," the "Moulin des Fleuriaux", "Grand Moulin" or "Moulin Gillet."


Past the wild Loire towards Saint-Etienne-de-Chigny where on the hillside the remains of the windmills of Buisson Ragot, the "Pot-au-Beurr" and "Tower of Briqueloup" await you. Strange giants to tilt at!


Manor housesHalles-Luynes

On the levees along the Loire approaching Tours, the city of Luynes is full of history. The 15th century Halles - classified historical monument in 1930 - and the château at the top of the hill, from where the remarkable panorama of the valley is well worth a visit.

For those who love to discover the secret mansions of the Touraine, those at Champroux, Durandières and La Roberdière are sure to fulfill all your expectations. Don't forget the village of Fondettes and the manoir of Hamardières - an Elegant 18th century house set on a green sward, where shows and events are held each year including the Theatre Festival of Val de Luynes; Chambray-les-Tours, meanwhile, is home to the manoir of La Thibaudière, surrounded by a stately garden.


Surprising parks

Walking around the  Parc de la Perraudière, in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, enjoy the royal view, an incredible panorama on the Loire, of course, but also over the city of Tours and the church of St-Cyr. As the day goes by the changing colours of the Loire will send you off into daydreams it's hard to come back from!

The variety of species of trees in the Parc de la Tour Park Tower are an invitation to discover the writers that marked the literary history of the city: Balzac, Anatole France Bergson and de Tocqueville all lived and workedvisite-insolite

here. Two huge metal quills remind walkers of these illustrious guests. The park is is divided into five areas, relating to the chapters of a book: the "prairie" - dedicated to poetry; the "Glade" with trees celebrating the novel; the thought-provoking "pond," the "lawn" transformed into theatrical a space and the “orchard” referring to the universe of the story ...


From one sort of heritage to the next, the Touraine country never ceases to surprise...




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